Steps to Register

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NOTICE: Hatch My House will close on December 1, 2016. Please see Closing Notice for more information.

Step 1 Cash Wedding RegistryBuild Your House

Build your house by choosing the style, color and setting to start creating your gift or cash wedding registry. Once your house is complete, you'll choose your goal and fill out a simple registration form. 

Users can choose from six house types, multiple setting types (including NYC, San Francisco and Chicago) and a variety of colors!

Step 2 Cash Wedding RegistryEdit Account Profile

After you build your house, you'll be asked to complete a simple form. Once complete, we'll ask to verify your email address. When you click the link in your email to verify it, you'll be directed to your dashboard, where you can complete your registry.

In your dashboard, the first step  is to edit your account profile. We'll need some basic information about you. Complete the name, address and phone number fields, and you'll be quickly on your way to step 3 and finalizing your gift or cash wedding registry.

Step 3 Cash Link PayPal Account

In order to receive cash gifts towards your registry, link your PayPal account to your Hatch My House account. Either sign up for a free PayPal Standard Business account or link an existing PayPal Personal account created before November 1st 2012 and upgrade it for free to a PayPal Premier account. Both account types enable your registry to accept credit and debit card payments from friends and family regardless of whether or not they have a PayPal account themselves. When you open a Business account - but you are a person - simply list your First and Last Name as the name of the business. When you are a business such as a Non-Profit using the site for Fundraising purposes, list the name of your business.

Visit PayPal to learn more about their Standard Business service and sign up. By signing up for a free PayPal Standard Business account, you enable us to create a giving button that is linked directly to your registry. This enables your family and friends to give directly to you. PayPal will accept the payment on your behalf. When you wish, you can withdraw the cash gifts in your PayPal account directly into your bank account. Any money received in your PayPal Business or Premier account is FDIC insured up to $100,000 USD.

Please note that you must 'verify' your PayPal account by linking your bank account to your PayPal account. When you decide what bank account to link to your PayPal account, you may want to consider signing up for an interest-bearing savings account with your preferred financial institution. This way, when friends and family give to your down payment registry, you can collect interest on the funds once you have transferred the funds to your savings account.

Step 4 Wedding Registry Complete Registry Profile

Now for the fun part. In Step 4, you'll complete your registry profile by entering in all the details about your event or wedding registry.

First you'll enter in basic information, such as your registry name, event date, registrant name(s) and city. Then, you can upload a photo and write a personalized message to your guests.

Finally, you have two decisions to make in regards to your gifts. You will need to decide who will pay the 5.9% Transaction Fee (which includes the PayPal fee): you always pay it, your guests always pay it, or your guests choose if they want to pay it or not.

You will also be able to decide on the price of your gifts. You can set your gifts to have an average gift price of $50, $100 or $300. Please Note: Guests can always change the price of their gift to whatever price they want.

Step 5 Cash Wedding Preview, Publish & Share

Preview, publish and share your gift or cash wedding registry in Step 5. After the completion of Step 4, you'll be ready to preview your registry. You can tweak any details before you're ready to publish by editing your registry profile. Once satisfied, simply press the 'Publish' button and you're ready to start receiving gifts and growing your house fund!

Once you published your online gift or wedding registry, you will be able to copy your personalized URL link and share it with friends and family. We recommend forwarding your friends and family your URL link via your event invitation or wedding website. You can also send them links through Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, Pinterest and more!

Once your link has been sent, your family members and friends will arrive at your Hatch My House page to make a gift. They'll buy a part of the house and their gift will be deposited into your PayPal account – and you start building your house fund immediately!