Is asking for cash toward a home tacky?

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What does Emily Post think?

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Some of you may be on the fence about using Hatch My House as your wedding registry. Common concerns are:

  • Is it tacky?
  • Is asking for cash okay?
  • Is Hatch My House acceptable?
  • Will our guests use it?
  • Does it work?
  • Hatch My House is a new, innovative concept - one that breaks American "tradition" of registering for silverware, china, pots and pans. We have to ask though, how did this tradition come to be in the first place? Turns out, Macy's (formerly Marshall Fields), invented the concept back in 1924! They creatively devised a way to help young men and women move out of their parents house or college dormitory into a home of their own, as a newly married couple.

    While we think this concept was quite genius for 1924, folks didn't take to it right away. Like Hatch My House, it was a new concept and inspired a bit of controversy. Of course, over the next few years, couples gravitated to it because it was practical. Soon enough, it hit mainstream. Ninety years later it is an integral part of American wedding tradition.

    Hatch My House will be no different. We're confident alternative registries, such as Hatch My House, will become a part of mainstream culture, because, like the Macy's registry, it is practical for our time.

    Men and women these days live on their own - or often together - before getting married. We have a lot of stuff. What we don't have are houses. The financial market has made it more difficult for young couples to buy a home today. And, what comes first? The dining room, or the China for the dining room? We think the dining room, and we hope you do too.

    Create your registry today!

    So - join us. Be innovators with us.

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    Oh, and did we forget to mention that it works! And gift givers love it! It's true. To-date we've saved more than a half a million dollars! And, we receive positive gift giver comments every day!

    Need a little back-up? Emily Post says it's OK!

    It's all good to believe in something, but it's nice to know the experts are on your side. You'll be happy to know that the Emily Post Institute, the leading authority on proper etiquette and manners, is on our side!

    Emily Post
    "Cash presents are perfectly acceptable.

    It has always been acceptable to give cash (or a check) to the bride and groom;  it is also now okay for the couple to signal that gifts of money would be welcome.

    "You’re not limited to just registering for 'stuff.

    "It’s fine to have links to your registry on your wedding website.

    So, we say: go for it! Build your dream. Save for your future. Register today.