NOTICE: Hatch My House will close on December 1, 2016. Please see Closing Notice for more information.

Save Toward Your Home


Users on Hatch My House have saved more than two million dollars toward their homes. With the generosity of their family and friends, they've been able to grow their dreams, both figuratively and literally. Make sure to sign up so you can save toward your goal, too.

Wedding Tip: The average price of a wedding gift is $12 more on Hatch My House than the industry average ($125 vs. $113). The average number of gifts for a wedding (industry-wide) is 70, which means that couples could save $8,750.00 toward their future home using Hatch My House as their wedding registry!

High Level of Security

Money Wedding RegistryBy using Hatch My House (HMH) as your gift or wedding registry, you take advantage of PayPal to receive money gifts, reaping the benefits of being aligned with a 10-year money transfer service business and a built-in security infrastructure, which includes data encryption and fraud prevention tools.

It's also more secure and convenient than collecting and depositing checks. Often checks get lost or misplaced if mailed or given in person at an event. By making a gift online, it's immediate - just a few clicks away from your bank account!

Lower Transaction Fees

Only 5.9% & includes the PayPal fee!

You'll also benefit from lower transaction fees in comparison to other gift and wedding registry sites. If you look around, you’ll notice that many gift and wedding registry sites charge visitors as much as 10% per gift! Because we’re fully integrated with PayPal, we make it easy for users to receive gifts and inexpensive for visitors to donate money! The Hatch My House fee is 5.9% (which includes the PayPal fee).

Not only does HMH offer a low transaction fee, but we give you the option to:

  1. Pay the fee
  2. Have your guests pay the fee
  3. Allow your guests to choose to pay the fee or not (90% of them do!)

We recommend allowing your guests to choose to pay the fee or not. It empowers them to know they have the option to opt out if they wish. At the same time, many more (90%!) do not mind adding the small fee atop their gift, so they choose to pay it. Save money, save time and get something with real value: a home of your own!

No Shipping or Tax and No Hassle!

By using Hatch My House for your gift or wedding registry, you'll get to benefit from an easy-to-use, convenient online service:

  • No shipping charges!
  • No sales tax!
  • No parking fees!
  • No long hours spent scanning items at the store!
  • No returns!
  • No hassles

If you receive a gift that is purchased at a retail store, the buyer can pay as much as 9.5%* in sales tax. Additionally, if your gift is purchased online from a retailer, shipping costs will normally be charged and will start around $5.00. For example, if the value of your gift is $50.00, the buyer will pay a total of $59.75 as opposed to $52.95 to build your registry on Hatch My House - it's more than 11% in savings!

Gift Amount Sales Tax at 9.5% Shipping Charge HMH Transaction Fee Total
Retailer $50.00 $4.75 $5.00 -- $59.75
Hatch My House $50.00 -- -- $2.95 $52.95