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What is Hatch My House?

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Hatch My House (HMH) is an interactive registry for the home. A registry where anyone can design a house and start saving money towards a down payment, renovations or even furniture and decor. Hatch My House can be used for weddings and birthdays. Sign up to learn more.

Who can create a registry? 

Anyone over the age of 18 who has a PayPal Premier account.

Can I customize or change the prices of house items?

Yes, Hatch My House enables users to choose a range of the prices of their gifts. Guests can choose a low, medium or high range.

What does Hatch My House do with my gifts?

Hatch My House never receives your cash gift funds. Your gifts are collected by PayPal and moved directly to your PayPal Premier account. Once PayPal receives your cash gifts, they will remain in your PayPal Premier account until you request to have them deposited into the bank account of your choice.

When do I receive my gifts?

'Recipients' can receive their gifts in about 3 days after the gift has been made by requesting a transfer to their bank account from their PayPal Premier account.

What do I have to do to receive my gifts?

In order to receive your cash gifts, you must verify your bank account with PayPal and then request payment.

Is Hatch My House secure?

Our Privacy Policy explains how Hatch My House treats your personal information, including your credit card information. Please note that while Hatch My House does not store your credit card information on its servers, it does use ‘Third-Party Service Providers’ who store this data in an encrypted form.

Is there a sign-up fee?

There is NO sign-up fee for ‘Recipients’ to use the ‘Services’ provided by Hatch My House.

Is there a transaction fee on my gifts?

There are credit card processing costs, money transfer costs and administrative costs to use the 'Services' provided by Hatch My House. To cover these costs, Hatch My House charges a low transaction fee of 5.9% (which includes the PayPal fee) on each gift, paid by either the 'Donor' or the 'Recipient'. If a 'Recipient' receives a $100 gift, they will actually only receive $94.10, unless their 'Donor' opts to pay this fee for the 'Recipient'. In that case, the 'Recipient' will receive the total gift amount, plus or minus a few cents. Historically on Hatch My House, 'Donor's' have opted to pay this fee for the 'Recipient' 75% of the time, making the fee to the 'Recipient' very low.

How can I close my account?

As long as your registry is 'unpublished' it cannot be viewed by the public. To unpublish your registry, log-in to your dashboard, go to the 'Registry Info' tab and click the 'unpublish' button. If there is no 'unpublish' button, then your account is not active. You can always email info@hatchmyhouse.com to verify.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is "the faster, safer way to pay and get paid online. The service allows members to send money without sharing financial information, with the flexibility to pay using their (PayPal) account balances, bank accounts, credit cards or personal financing. With more than 75 million active accounts in 190 markets and 19 currencies around the world, PayPal enables global ecommerce. PayPal is an eBay company."

What kind of PayPal account do I need?

In order to collect funds on PayPal, you must have the right kind of PayPal account setup. Either sign up for a free PayPal Standard Business account or link an existing PayPal Personal account created before November 1st 2012 and upgrade it for free to a PayPal Premier account. Both account types enable your registry to accept credit and debit card payments from friends and family regardless of whether or not they have a PayPal account themselves. When you open a Business account - but you are a person - simply list your First and Last Name as the name of the business. If you are a business such as a Non-Profit using the site for Fundraising purposes, list the name of your business. Any money received in your PayPal Business or Premier account is FDIC insured up to $100,000 USD.

Both account types require that users agree to PayPal's Website Payments Standard Legal Agreements. There are many benefits to having a Business or Premier account with PayPal, and it does not cost you anything to sign-up for or upgrade to either type of PayPal account.

What is the difference between a PayPal Premier account and PayPal Personal account?

These two types of accounts are almost identical to one another. PayPal stopped offering new Premier accounts as of November 1st 2012 and PayPal’s new name for the service is a Business account. Please see the details of what each account type offers on PayPal’s Which account is right for you? page.

How does PayPal work?

By creating a PayPal account, you agree to accept payments on your behalf. Therefore, your family members and friends can donate directly to you without knowing any of your personal information. You accept monetary donations online through your Hatch My House page, and the monetary gifts are deposited into your PayPal account. PayPal holds onto the funds until you are ready to deposit them into your bank account or use them towards online shopping. If you choose to deposit the money, you will have to link your bank account to your PayPal account. Once you request a deposit, you'll see the money in your bank account in approximately three days. Because PayPal is allowing you to accept payments on your behalf, there is a slight transaction fee on their end, which along with our fee equals the total fee of 5.9%. 

Why do I get an email from PayPal saying I have sent money to Hatch Registry Group LLC?

The email you get from PayPal represents the transaction fee on your gift. When a gift is given on Hatch My House, you receive the entire amount inclusive of the transaction fee, and then PayPal automatically sends Hatch Registry Group LLC the transaction fee.

For example, you are given a gift of $100 and your gift giver pays the transaction fee of $5.90:

  • You will receive $105.90 into your PayPal account
  • PayPal will then send the $5.90 transaction fee to Hatch Registry Group LLC
  • You keep the $100 gift amount in your PayPal account

Or, you are given a gift of $100 and you pay the transaction fee of $5.90:

  • You will receive $100.00 into your PayPal account
  • PayPal will then send the $5.90 transaction fee to Hatch Registry Group LLC
  • You keep the remaining amount of $94.10 in your PayPal account

Who can I contact if I have questions about PayPal?

If you have a question about your setting up your PayPal account, please call 1-888-818-3922. If you have an inquiry about a transaction you have made, you can contact PayPal via their Contact Us page.

How do I change my PayPal email in my account?

If you have made an error entering in your PayPal address or would like to change your current PayPal email to another account, please log-in to your dashboard, go to the 'PayPal Account' tab and enter in your new PayPal email address. For security purposes, we will send you a verification email to confirm your address.

Where can I read PayPal's policies?

Please read PayPal's User AgreementPrivacy Policy and Acceptable Use Policy.

If you have a question that is not listed here, please contact us.