NOTICE: Hatch My House will close on December 1, 2016. Please see Closing Notice for more information.

Rieve MacEwen

Co-Founder & CEO

RieveRieve is excited to offer a registry that helps people save toward one of the biggest and most important purchases of their life: a home. After proposing to his wife and fellow Co-Founder, Erin, Rieve was immediately receptive to her idea that there should be a registry alternative to retail gifts for weddings and other events. Rieve shared the notion that saving for a home and its improvements should be considered more practical than receiving luxury items like fine china, and seldom-used kitchen appliances like a waffle maker!

At Hatch My House, Rieve focuses on Customer Satisfaction and the Partner Marketing programs that help people and non-profits save toward their individual and project goals. Rieve has always been excited to engage people, learn more about their experiences, and help enrich lives. So, being a part of the Hatch My House team is his dream job!

Rieve graduated with honors from the University of San Francisco with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. In his free time, Rieve enjoys drawing, exercise, and the diverse recreational activities offered in and around the Bay Area. Rieve’s dream is to buy a house and start a family.

What is Rieve’s house choice? A blue Craftsman in San Francisco!

Erin-Marie MacEwen

Co-Founder & President

ErinErin relies on her curiosity to help fuel product development and growth at Hatch My House. With a Journalism degree from the University of Washington and a husband who coined the term 'diane sawyer-ed' in her honor, curiosity is what led her to ask why the registry process is what it is - and if and how it could be improved. Seeing a real need for innovation, Hatch My House was born with the support of her husband and Co-Founder, Rieve.

A self-starter, Erin realized a passion for entrepreneurship a few years ago. While her first attempt at a high-quality, specialized, leather good didn't get past a prototype, it taught her a lot about business and markets. She used that experience to decide to pursue and develop Hatch My House. She's worked at UCSF for a number of years in various roles and most recently as a Web Editor for the Department of Medicine.

Erin gets excited about product development and user experience. She likes to make things simple, beautiful and fun. She looks forward to the future, as Hatch My House and Hatch Registry Group LLC grow, making interactive applications for the ever-changing 'new' web.

Erin's dream is to live in a craftsman style home on the beach!

Paul Martinelli

Co-Founder & CTO

PaulPaul and Rieve have known each other for over 10 years, ever since they met working together to renovate a house. When Rieve approached Paul about the idea of Hatch My House, Paul immediately recognized that a service to help people save for one of the most important purchases of their lives would be a novel approach to a very relevant issue. Further, Paul was excited about the challenge of transforming mundane e-commerce into a visually appealing and interactive experience.

Many people have called Paul a serial entrepreneur, citing his passion for and success in building forward-thinking technology platforms. In college, Paul and his roommate started KB Books - a lower priced alternative to university-run text book stores that delivered right to your door (long before Amazon!). After graduating from the University of California, San Diego, Paul designed and built Sybase's campus and world-wide network (before the Internet) which helped fuel its growth to go public and become one of the world's largest database systems companies. Paul co-founded Intraware in 1996, which was the first Software as a Service platform and the preeminent pioneer of Electronic Delivery and Licensing for enterprise software and large multimedia files over the Internet. Recently Paul has consulted for a number of Internet start-ups and has been actively building Ziploop.

Paul is married with three daughters, enjoys sports and travel, and likes the modern house in the city!

Robert Frank

Co-Founder & Illustrator

RobertRobert designs and illustrates dream homes for Hatch My House utilizing his background in architecture. As an architectural illustrator, Robert has created illustrations for some of the country’s top architects. Major projects have included work for Ritz Carlton, UCLA Medical Center, Stanford University and The Four Seasons. His Web career began as a founding member of one of the first Web design studios in San Francisco – Studio Verso – creating HP’s first online annual report as well as WebMd’s first online presence. Robert was the lead illustrator for “Creating Killer Web Sites,” by David Siegel.

Robert is also an accomplished landscape painter. He is represented by galleries in Northern and Southern California. He currently is an instructor at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Robert received his Bachelor’s degree in architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design. He is a past president of the American Society of Architectural Illustrators. When Robert is not illustrating or painting outdoors he’s enjoying time with his wife and two daughters, playing tennis or participating in vintage car racing.

A cottage on the beach would be Robert’s ideal vacation home.